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"This is impossible." Klaus shook his head, backing away from the man in front of him, "You don’t exist, they said you were dead. You were dead." The hybrid’s eyes were wide as he took in the man standing before him. Swallowing thickly. "What kind of trick is this?"


        We’re all dead, it was the first thing to cross Aaron’s mind, but the words left a bitter taste in his mouth even before he said them. Despite death being something he had over a thousand years to get used to, the memory of it remained one of the few things able to unsettle him. Taking an unnecessary breath, the newest Original rose his hands in a placating gesture as he stepped closer to his hybrid half brother. 

"It’s not a trick, Niklaus, I promise. I didn’t even think you would recognize me… I’m- [ s o r r y ]  Hello."

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      “Funny that you’re bringing the doppelganger theory to a shapeshifter. Even funnier, that knowing what I am you believed me that fast. Haven’t had too many experiences with vampires, but most of you aren’t this easily convinced.” He tilted his head a bit, placing his index finger over his lips. “Either you’re really gullible, or you have some awesome mental reading ability.” David teased the other man, but without any intention of pissing the blond man off; it was just the way he did things.

    Cocking an eyebrow as the brother’s name was mentioned, David’s lips curled up. “Your brother must have been pretty popular, cause casually, someone confused me with him the other day. Unless there’s another guy named Kol.” He shrugged. “Sorry for asking too many questions but, you weren’t blood related then?”“


"Most of us can’t compel supernatural creatures," Aaron shrugged, a half-smile still marking his lips despite the danger that briefly flashed through his eyes and words. He couldn’t read minds, but he could make them sing the truth, if he wanted them to. Besides, the Original saw nothing wrong in believing in things when they seemed true enough. Why would the shapeshifter lie to him when he didn’t know who he was? Who Kol had been? Id made no sense to him and he hardly could take offense being called gullible at that. 

        Now he wouldn’t have deemed Kol popular, mainly because that sounded too much like a good thing, but his brother surely had been around long enough and in a lot of places at that. The surprising thing was that only one person had mistaken that boy for him in Chicago of all places. Didn’t his brother rule that place some decades ago? Maybe Aaron had in wrong, but there was one thing at least that he could make clear. "That’s not how bloodlines work. I mean the vampires he turned, anyone that ever came from him. They all died when he did. Surely you might have noticed.. A few thousands dropping dead all over the world at once?"

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For a long moment, Aiden blinked innocently at the other man, trying to comprehend what was going on. Don’t scream. The voice of the man was so clear in his head, unlike the other voices that he had been forcing back. Aiden nodded to show that he understood. Why would he scream? The other man didn’t seem to mean him any harm. He had a gentle face and it was something that Aiden liked. A calm exterior that made him want to simply trust the stranger and his words. The teacher simply stared at the man, almost as though he was waiting for new instructions.

"It’s nice to meet you, Aaron," he greeted the other, beaming at his words. Aiden simply nodded again, understanding the words, but he didn’t move just yet. "Where are we going?" the doll asked, taking a few steps towards his new acquaintance, uncertain of where to go. He knew that he had a task at hand but by some unseen force, he just knew he couldn’t leave the other man, nor deny his request. "If I’m going to leave, shouldn’t I at least tell the class? At least give them their work for the day before I disappear…" He tapped the small suit case he had along with him, as though showing off what he had prepared.

There it was, the smile. Just like Aaron remembered it and equally as warming. And despite all he had ever known on the Other Side yelling at him that things simply couldn’t be that easy, he found them to be just so. He had asked nicely and the man would agree to follow him, no guilt of compulsion needed as Aiden smiled at him. Surely he couldn’t agree to everything, he was a person after all, but he could agree to come.

"No. No classes. If you finish them that guy will come to get you and we have to go before he does." Certainly Aaron could take one simple man, physical or compellingly so, but for all his might and power the Original often forgot exactly how strong he was. Instead he reached forward, fingers clasping as gently as they could around the teacher’s wrist and tugging him forward just so. A simple suggestion in what could have been a superhuman push, followed by the much more powerful compulsion of those deep blue eyes, magical or not. "Please?" 

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Send me a and I will generate a number for what my muse will say to yours.

SEXUAL TENSION VERSION (can be nsfw, better used with ships)

There was something so oddly familiar in the man’s eyes, but to his recollection, he had never met him. The sun beginning to glimmer through the windows as it set, his eyes lowered in short contemplation. Revealing himself a true Mikaelson, Henrik asked in his low, charming drawl,

“What’s in it for me?”


        It was as surreal as it could possibly get, Aaron assumed. Standing before the one brother he never really got to even watch, the one whose name was carved beside him on that cave wall. Henrik Mikaelson had no glimmer of recognition in his eyes, nothing to offer him but a smile that although charming managed to leave the eldest of the Originals uncomfortable, try and he might to remain unaffected by the smirk and question. 

"Why there always has to be something to win with you guys? Can’t you just be nice for once and let me in even though I forgot to bring you a teddy bear or like a blood offering?" 


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Aiden picked up his briefcase and marched out of the van where Steve, his handler, remained in position. It was the same every day since the school had hired him. He’d be dropped off, Aiden would head to his class and carry on with his normal lesson as a substitute teacher and come back to Steve for his treatment. And he liked the routine. He enjoyed teaching very much, despite being a temp his kids seemed to enjoy his presence. What more could he really ask for. “I’ll see you later,” he bid the man farewell as he marched along the school quadrangle, nodding to fellow faculty and students that he ran into.

The substitute had always been fascinated with the university, which was why he always opted to come around early so that he could enjoy the surroundings, and let the life of the school itself breath into him. Taking a sharp turn around one of the hallways, he gasped, stopping abruptly as he almost ran into another man. He chuckled apologetically. “Sorry. I didn’t see you there.” The man did look familiar, as though he had seen him before, but he couldn’t exactly tell how or where he might have seen him.

"You a new member of the faculty?" he asked the stranger, extending his hand out to him. "I’m Aiden. I teach history."

        He had been watching the teacher for a while now, almost a whole week. It was safe to say Aaron found himself intrigued. Everyday, Monday to Saturday the man would come, dropped off by another man the vampire didn’t pay attention to, teach his lessons and go home, almost like he had a mission. Except his home wasn’t really a home and there was something off about the man who dropped him off. Still Aaron liked him, the teacher, had even sat through one of his lessons just to be sure. The way he explained things was good, unlike when most people tried to explain him something, and he had a nice smile. Aaron had always liked smiles. That pretty much settled it.

        From the moment he had returned to the plane of the living Aaron had found himself at odds with what the world had become in his absence. Technology, medicine, science… All fascinating things he knew too little about. Too little to function, some might even say. There was no need to talk to a witch for him to understand what needed to be done. Aaron needed to learn, and fast. So he found himself drawn to places of learning, compelled his way into classes and even made friendship with some students. However, the very basic world knowledge of those students was alien to him, and it became clear what he really needed. A teacher. Aiden would be that for him, he just knew.

        The moment he decided it was time to take action, felt even proper when Aiden himself almost collided into him. Don’t scream, the words hanged at the tip of his tongue, a perfect mirror of his siblings and unnecessary when he was not a threat himself. A predator, yes, but hardly a threat. Swallowing those words down the vampire traded them for a smile, wide and bright and nothing like what he was about to do.

"Hello Aiden, I’m Aaron and I need you to come with me."    

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Making my Richie blog as we speak… Someone please tell me they are are watching From Dusk Till Dawn too… I WANNA RP IT SO BAD 

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Questions from itsonlyfinn

1. What would you be doing if you were not on tumblr right now?

What I should be doing: working - What I actually would be doing: farming rep and mounts in World of Warcraft or working on my Richie Gecko blog.

2. What is the last thing you do before you go to sleep?

Think. I’m one of those people that lays in bed and just makes up scenarios, stories and replies I didn’t actually write in my head for hours Alternative answer: talking to someone on whatsapp and falling asleep on them.

3. What is the worst movie that you’ve seen?

Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation, my boyfriend loves it though.

4. What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Metal, hardcore, pop, any sub-genre of rock, country and hip hop. I consider myself a fairly eclectic person. 

5. In what way are you superstitious? 

I have ‘lucky things’, a lucky kitty pendant, lucky hello kitty panties… Basically any trinket I deemed lucky once and it worked, I keep seeing it as so. The lucky panties totally worked though.

6. Are there certain places you hope to visit one day, if so can you name some? 

IRELAND. Italy, London, Canada and a bunch f places in the United States, but specially California.

7. What would you do if you were invisible for a day?

Probably just follow my friends around and see what they do when I’m not there… In my dreams: steal stuff.  

8. What part of your daily routine can you not function without?

I don’t think there’s a part.. But I do get cranky if there’s no food or if I don’t get any computer time at all.

9. Is there a TV show you wished you never watched, and if so which is it?

I’m tempted to say TVD, ‘cause it got so bad, but probably Life As We Know It, ‘cause it got cancelled and broke my heart.

10. Which ship, from any show or movie, has made you hurt the most?

I can’t actually think of one in particular, but I think nothing makes my cry quite as much as ER (Enjolras/Grantaire) from Les Mis, just because of the tragedy of it all. 

11. How much do you hate having to come up with questions in a second?


Questions from shapeshifterlassiter

1. Who’s the person you admire the most?

Probably Brandan Schieppati, from Bleeding Through… because I really admire his life story and his passion. Bert McCracken for his lyrics, Neil Gaiman for his writing, my father for everything he ever did to me… I don’t think I can pick just one.

2. If you could have a superpower, which one would you pick?

Stopping time, no doubt.

3. What profession you wanted to have as a kid?

I kind of always wanted to be an artist.

4. What’s the best thing about roleplaying?

Thinking as someone else, creating stories without actually knowing all of it because you’re just one part of the equation. That tingling at the tips of your fingers just before you start typing a reply you’re really excited about. I JUST HAVE ALL THESE FEELS-

5. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day

Stay home. I hate going out in the rain, hate. it. *mad mim voice*

6. Favorite thing to do on a sunny day

I just rather stay home all day, I’m a fucker like that. The night is my domain. 

7. Coffe or tea?

TEA, coffee tastes like dirt water.

8. Favorite TV show, past and present.

When I was a kid: Sabrina the Teenage Witch. When I was a teen: Life As We Know It. Today: From Dusk Till Dawn.

9. Is your hair color natural?

It’s kind of getting back to it, yes, but I’ll probably paint it soon.

10. If you have more than one muse, which one is your favorite? If not, favorite thing about your muse.

Aaron has held this position for most of my time, but Richie might steal it cause he’s a robber and that’s what he does.

11. Do you love me? xDDDD Kidding, kidding. Can’t think of any other question, just have my love, mmkay? <3



1. A plot you always wanted but never got to play out?

2. Your favorite book or book character. Bonus points: both.

3. Do you have any tattoos? Body piercings? Surprise me.

4. A guilty pleasure on TV. 

5. How many people do you live with?

6. The one thing you would take to a deserted island.

7. Do you have any pets?

8. Your favorite character to interact with?

9. A dream you had more than once.

10. How cool am I? No. Seriously. How fucking cool am I?

11. Can I stay at your house?


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